One Sample t-test Minitab Homework

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Even though this looks like a quiz, this it's not really a quiz it's homework to make sure you know how to analyze one sample t-test data. There is no time limit and you get TWO attempts. You can go in and out of this assignment as much as you want as long as you don't click the "Submit" button. Your answers will automatically save.

You will need to download this Minitab data file to do this assignment - OneSampleTtestHomeworkData.mpjx

Data Dictionary
This data was collected from a Math 113 course. To collect the data students used a ruler to measure their left and right hand span (length of their hand) and foot span (length of their foot) in centimeters (cm).

  • Gender [Female; Male]
  • L hand span - left hand span
  • R hand span - right hand span
  • L foot span - left foot span
  • R foot span - right foot span
  • Avg hand span - average of the right and left hand span
  • Avg foot span - average of the right and left foot span
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