Quiz 4: Cross Tabulations

  • Due Feb 15, 2020 at 12:59am
  • Points 10
  • Questions 5
  • Available until Feb 18, 2020 at 12:59am
  • Time Limit None
  • Allowed Attempts 5


Review the material in Week 4 Resources before attempting this quiz.

Entering Answers

When answers are percentages, round your answer to one decimal place. Do not type the % sign in your answer.

For example, if your answer is 12/39 = 0.307692308, you would first multiply that by 100% to get 30.7692308%. With one decimal place, this rounds to 30.8%, so the answer you would put into Canvas would be 30.8.

If you don't want to mess with rounding yourself, you can type 30.76 or 30.769 or 30.7692 and Canvas will round for you. Yet, note, 30.7 is NOT the correct answer. Why? Because you are rounding to one decimal place so you needed to round the 7 up to an 8. If this is confusing, just go ahead and put in extra decimals and let Canvas do the rounding.

Also note that Canvas will show your answer with four decimal places, so if you enter 30.8, it will display 30.8000. If this bothers you, then go ahead and type 30.7692 as the answer.

In some of the questions (especially the last one), you will need to perform multiple steps. Do NOT round in the intermediate steps. 

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